Hans Lemke

HANS LEMKE is a Reiki Master trained in Usui Holy Fire Reiki and Okuden (traditional Japanese) Reiki,  an Animal Reiki practitioner, and certified 200-hour Yoga Teacher.

Hans’ path to Reiki began with a long-term illness that traditional medicine was unable to treat. Frustrated, he started seeing nontraditional healers and finally made improvement. The big leaps forward came when he discovered Reiki. Hans learned how to perform Reiki when a beloved cat of his was diagnosed with a degenerative heart condition. Animals, like people, respond very well to Reiki. His cat, Siegfried, has had no further degeneration of his heart, has more energy than ever, has experienced no ill side effects from medications, and has happily surprised his doctors.

Hans had been interested in yoga philosophy and movement for years, before earning his certification as a yoga teacher. Hans’ goal in yoga is to help people find a more peaceful state of mind, body, and heart. Hans teaches vinyasa flows, beginner classes, and loves teaching pranayama (mediative breathing techniques).

It has become clear to Hans through self discovery with Reiki and Yoga that he is meant to help people and animals. Hans is very excited to bring these deeply powerful healing tools to many!

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