Darcy Wilson, of the Healing Sanctuary, is interested in healing through energy work and meditation.
She is certified in Usui/Holy Fire 2 Reiki at the master level and has studied traditional Japanese reiki.  She is also certified in Biofield Tuning.  She infuses her meditations and hand-made jewelry with reiki and healing intentions.
She believes that meditation and energy work can help a person feel relaxed, refreshed, well focused, feeling healthy, and feeling positive. She believes that we have to take care of ourselves so that we can help take care of others.
Darcy was a music teacher.  Of course, life takes its twists and turns, and like many, she found herself in a place that was different from where she started.  Her husband passed away in July of 2015.  It’s true that it sometimes takes a life disaster to bring a person to a better place, and that’s what happened to Darcy.  There was a path in all that happened….. all those seemingly unrelated experiences from her past led her to where she is now.  She truly feels that she’s fulfilling her purpose, and she’s so grateful for absolutely everything in her life.  She hopes to remain open to learning so that she can expand her knowledge and outreach!
There is so much in the world that we don’t understand.  Learning to live life with an open hand will certainly help us live life more fully.
Events at the Sanctuary will be posted as they occur.
To learn more about reiki you could visit reiki.org or ihrreiki.org.
To learn more about biofield tuning please visit the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P04zQQ5QG9I
To view/purchase Darcy’s reiki-infused jewelry please visit: DarcyWilsonArt.etsy.com
If you would like to read more that Darcy has written please visit her personal blog at WithAndWithoutExperience.com.


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