Biofield Tuning


Biofield tuning was developed by Eileen McKusick, who began her healing journey as a massage therapist.  She started using tuning forks “on the side,” with her clients, and then moved exclusively to this modality because of how effectively her clients were healed.

Biofield tuning works.  Darcy has had clients work through emotions from past traumatic experiences, and leave feeling lighter and brighter.  Clients lie comfortably clothed on a massage table and just relax.  Darcy uses tuning forks and a lemurian crystal both in the client’s energy field and on the body to entrain dissonant energy.  We all have energy in and around us, and sometimes it becomes “tangled” or “dissonant.”  By letting the tuning forks ring within those areas the energy becomes “entrained” and begins to vibrate with the harmonious tones of the forks.  Some people feel vibrations or tingles, experience rising emotions, or maybe even feel nothing unusual at all.  Some might feel a pain or a twinge, but all feelings do pass quickly.

Darcy gives Reiki to the area she worked on after the session to fill it with light.

Biofield Tuning sessions can be given via distance.  Darcy works in the client’s field via intention.  Energy work knows neither time nor place, so the same adjustments can be made both via distance and in person.  Sessions can be held with or without both parties connecting via phone call or video call.

To schedule a session please email Darcy at

Session rates will be $65.00 for an approximate 1-hour session.  Cash or check payable to Darcy Wilson.  Please see information on fusion sessions here.

[Contraindications include: pregnancy, pacemaker, active cancer, recent concussion]


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