Yoga Class Schedule


This class is a great way to get into the body and out of the mind.  Enjoy flowing through postures while moving with the breath.  Class begins with a pre-flow to awaken necessary muscle groups, followed by Sun Sal 1, Sun Sal A, Sun Sal B, and a cool-down.  Breath will be guided throughout the experience.  Hans will beam Reiki energy to all participants during Savasana (resting time at the end of class).  Check back soon for class day and time.


The Intro To Yoga Workshop is designed for those who may be new to yoga or just need a refresher.   This class is designed in a workshop format where discussions and questions are encouraged.

This workshop includes four classes.  (Hans will be available for questions after every class!).  Sign up is for all four classes at the same time.

The next workshop will be announced.


Learn core yoga principles- this class is open to everyone, at all levels!

This class teaches the principles for a safe and sustainable yoga practice.  Learn yoga postures, yoga breathing techniques, and functional movements and transitions to build strength and bring harmony to the body and mind. Modifications and assists are given to support proper alignment. Hans beams Reiki energy to all participants during Savasana (the resting time at the end of class).

Yoga Principles class will be announced.


We are interested in expanding our class offerings- please feel free to message Hans with your ideas!  To read more about yoga offered here, please see the yoga tab under services. 

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