Animal Reiki


Just like humans, animals benefit greatly from receiving Reiki treatments. Hans Lemke, Reiki Master, is also certified as an Advanced Animal Reiki practitioner.  Hans has hundreds of hours working with Reiki specifically with animals, and has seen the benefits time and time again!

Reiki helps all animals at all stages of life.  It is very beneficial for managing pain and anxiety, reducing negative side effects of medications, and promoting faster recoveries from surgeries, etc.

Animal Reiki is a different approach than person-only Reiki.  Hans begins the session by letting the animal know he is there to provide Reiki, and it is entirely up to them (the animal) if they accept the energy and how they want to use it.  Animal Reiki consists mostly of meditations and visualizations that create a soothing atmosphere for Reiki to flow throughout the room, flowing through the animal to create the healing benefits.  Hans’ hands remain on his legs, palms up.  Touch is not essential when doing treatments with animals, and only happens if the animal initiates touch.

Hans offers 60 minute sessions at $55.00.  Price does not increase per animal.  Hans sees a wide arrange of animals; his practice is not limited to just cats and dogs.

For Animal Reiki, Hans prefers to visit your home, as your animal(s) are most comfortable there.  If this will not work, arrangements will be made to meet at Hans’ Reiki Studio instead.  To schedule an Animal Reiki appointment, please contact Hans through the contact page here.  You can also contact him through his personal website, as well as read more about Animal Reiki offerings here.

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