Private Yoga Sessions

We offer private individualized yoga sessions at the sanctuary.

Private yoga sessions are a great tool for people of all walks of life. The great thing about private yoga sessions is they’re completely tailored to you! Every class will be set to your personal goals, such as flexibility, strength, or meditation. You may receive a brief Reiki healing session during Savasana (resting period after the class) as well.

Private yoga sessions are helpful for people who:

  1. Feel overwhelmed or unsure in a typical class setting and want individualized attention.
  2. Are new to yoga and want additional one on one support with learning postures and how to safely (and or in their own time) get into them.
  3. Have a physical injury that makes a public class setting difficult.
  4. Are advanced in yoga asana but are having difficulty reaching that next level.

And many more!

The price of a 60 minute session is $40.00. Private yoga sessions are scheduled by appointment only at The Healing Sanctuary. To inquire about a session, and or to schedule, please contact Hans. 


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