Reiki is spirit-guided life force energy, a method of energy medicine that promotes relaxation and healing.  Clients lie face up, fully clothed, on a massage table.  Healing energy is delivered with hands lightly on, or hands off the body.   The client may feel heat, tingles, a cool breeze…..everyone feels things differently.

Please go to for more information about Reiki energy and the Usui system.

Reiki sessions can be given via distance.  Darcy works on the client via intention.  Energy work knows neither time nor place, so the same adjustments can be made both via distance and in person.  Sessions can be held with or without both parties connecting via phone call or video call.

Session rates are $65.00 for an approximate 1-hour session. Cash or check payable to Darcy Wilson. Please find information on fusion sessions here.

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